A-Z Blog Challenge 2014

Excerpts from The Bench – Poetry and Short Fiction


A is for Alone – Fanciful Short Fiction

B is for The Flower and The Butterfly A Love Story   – Fanciful Short Fiction

C is for Comedy –  Stand up Comedian

D is for Beach of Death – Haiku

E is for No Escape – Poetry

F is for Faith – Poetry

G is for Gift – Haiku

H is for Horses – Fantasy Short Fiction

I is for Ice Storm – Haiku

J is for Jam – Poetry

K is for Kaleidoscope – Poetry

L is for Lover – Poetry

M is for Mother Nature   Haiku Slave Lake

N is for Night – Dark Poetry

O is for Occam’s Razor   Dark Short Fiction

P is for Path – Poetry

Q is for Queer – Fiction

R is for Roses – Writing

S is for Spell – Fantasy Short Fiction

T is for Truth – Haiku

U is for Unique – Writing

V is for Visitor – Fantasy Short Fiction

W is for Wallow – Poetry

X is for Xenops – Poetry

Y is for Youth – Writing

Z is for Zany fantasy short fiction


Have a seat and talk to me

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