J is for Jam

For the second year I decided to participate in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Each April bloggers write for 26 days (Sundays off). Each day is a consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Today is April 11th   and the judicious letter J


Google Image

The Girl with Traffic Jam Eyes

Return from the past,

under marmalade skies,

between amethyst trees.

Cartesian coordinates;

worlds away from origin

The girl with traffic jam eyes.

Under pastel paper clouds,

rivers of red flow

across avatar indigo landscape,

swimming in yesterday’s stench,

bumper tapping bumper.

Hands slamming on ear splitting,

blasted horns

soul  melting bellows.

Tempers erupt in ferocious tornado grey.

Bile spirals through molecule rings.

The girl with traffic jam eyes,

Rainbow hair streaming like ribbons,

psychedelic sun glasses perched on her nose.

Careens  past the yellow lines  into space,

and morphs,

with tires, screeching and smoky,


shakes, rattles and rolls, amid glass rain,

crunches over dry pebbled earth,

Skidding straight into  tomorrow.

The girl with traffic jam eyes.


this very strange poem has been used various times with different wording.

Jubilantly looking forward to your J posts

With imagination, a major dimension in The Bench,  I can fit almost any prompt into a story or poem. When I first started with my prompt writing group over three years ago I thought the task impossible. It’s not. What do you think?

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12 Responses to J is for Jam

  1. Colorful and full of energy!!

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant

  2. Great flow to this piece – well done Sue!

  3. Kirsten says:

    I love the way colors have been woven throughout the lines! Really nice, almost musical. 🙂

  4. ~settling on the bench, beside you~ 🙂 The verbs caught my ear. So incredibly visual, makes the action come to life. Wonderful poem, Susan 🙂

  5. I love poetry, for the sound, the emotional connection. Here, the beauty of it starts with the title. So very evocative — The Girl With Traffic Jam Eyes. I can let my mind go in so many different directions with that title, then I read the poem and am moved by the way the narrator sees her — hair streaming like ribbons — and the setting — crunches over dry pebbled earth. Hmm. So nice.

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