The Swim

note:  am planning on give-aways of The Bench but real life is in the way

in the meantime a piece of flash fiction


photo by author

photo by author


All that water, lovely, lovely wetness.  The sun’s shimmer twinkles on the calm surface.   I swished through the water relaxed and at peace.

Mamma warned me not to swim in this spot but it’s such an idyllic day and I like it here.

I lay on my back, face to the sky; the only sound the gulls screeching overhead.

Life at home is  good but when I asked why I oughtn’t visit this area,  the family shuffled uncomfortably  and glanced  at each other out of the corner of their eyes. They weren’t telling me something. They were hiding something.

“You’re too young. We just wish to protect you. Listen to your elders and trust us.”

Well I did trust them but I wanted to get away. I needed a change of scene.

Though my family didn’t tell me, I had heard the rumours  but those kinds of secrets don’t remain concealed  for long. The tales of humans who were out to hunt us and put us in a zoo, whatever a zoo is. All I know is that it wasn’t a good thing.

We had always been here and except for some fantasy romance writers with huge imaginations no one suspects that we  exist. It has always been so.

The presence of a raft surprises me.  I swim fast and am again alone.

A while later the water ripples against me. The craft  returned  and now I heard the slap-slap of the waves around its perimeter. I could smell the two humans aboard, their scent making me ill with a sour taste on my tongue.

“I told you I saw something over there,” shouted one of them.

“Yep,” the other concurred.

I think they’re after me. I should have listened to the elders.

I prepare to submerge,  to go home, my tail swishing as fast as it could.

One of them threw something in my direction. It hit me and  sizzled.

Suddenly paralysis overtook me.





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4 Responses to The Swim

  1. djmatticus says:

    A mermaid, perhaps? Something else?

  2. historysleuth1 says:

    Nice short. Good visuals and it took me a few to catch on that the MC wasn’t human. Very cool twist. 🙂
    The Murders of Polly Frisch

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