The altercation

As Stone and Quinn retrieved their books for the next class, their attention was drawn to the high pitched voices at the other end of the corridor.  The green shade of the lockers lining the hallway made Stone think of a Martian with the flu. The smell of moldy socks and sandwiches left too long un-refrigerated soured the air.

They edged closer to their friends, Kelly and Vonny.  Five boys faced the couple. It was their loud taunting causing the commotion.

“Hey Vonny, what’re you doing with Kelly? He’s shorter than you and looks like a geek. Bet his pecker is short too.” The chubby boy in a too tight, red T-shirt pranced before her; his mid-section prominently displayed an overflow of skin.

“Why don’t you get yourself a real man,” said another boy, burly with a brush cut, as he reached out to grab her.

Vonny side stepped to the right  and immediately returned to her original stance, knees slightly bent, one leg in front of the other and arms loosely at her sides; she appeared to lean forward.

A third boy, not as tall as Kelly, with a basketball stomach, called out, “Yeah the jerk isn’t even protecting you. He’s just standing there like a statue.”

Kelly slouched next to Vonny. His book bag sat  on the ground behind him,  hands in the pockets of  his jeans, boot clad feet steady, ready for action, if necessary, assessing  the cluster  of students facing him.

Stone could see the glint of amusement in Kelly’s whiskey coloured   eyes, and guessed he didn’t consider the small mob as aggressive and dangerous as they pictured themselves.

Quinn whispered in Stone’s ear, and pointed to the overweight kid, “That one thinks he’s hot shit  ‘cause he’s part of the gang.”

Stone nodded in agreement, a small smile played on his mouth as he studied his friends.

Vonny’s narrowed eyes roved around the group of boys watching carefully. The tallest and thinnest one, wearing baggy jeans and a shirt hanging to his knees, strode right up to her and attempted to seize her long, light brown hair.

Stone and Quinn uttered, “Uh oh,” simultaneously.

Vonny shot out her leg and kicked the tall boy, then spun around and in a one-two motion kicked two others. They all landed on the floor. Stone heard one of the boys yell to his buddies, “Get out now before a teacher comes along.”

Vonny straightened her shirt, turned to Kelly, smiled and said, “Let’s go,” as she hooked her arm onto his.

The four friends had taken kick boxing since toddlerhood and each could defend themselves. As the couple approached Stone and Quinn they all laughed and headed in the other direction. Away from the boys on the floor.

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